Pick up Lines to Make Guy/ Girl fall for you

Best 101 Pickup Lines :

Let’s face it …. The pick-up lines  rarely work to pick up somebody.
They are full of humor icebreaker, and they only work if
it’s done tastefully and with humor. You must select the lines that
suit your personality, are original, witty and you may feel
called sincere. Choose your pick-up lines… they could well lead to
a great relationship seduction or kill any chance you were hoping
to have!

pickup lines

So who pick the lines were voted in the Top 12 Reader’s
Favorites? Take a look:

  1. Pick Up Line # 1 – “In addition to being sexy (or” darn good
    looking), what do you do in life? “
  2. Pick Up Line # 2 – “Congratulations, you have been voted the best
    looking man / woman in the room.
  3. Pick Up Line # 3 – “Wow, and I thought” very fine “is entered in a
  4. Pick Up Line # 4 – “You’re the reason I came here alone
  5. Pick Up Line # 5 – “Can I flirt with you?
  6. Pick Up Line # 6 – “Does your boyfriend / girlfriend you know where
    you are?
  7. Pick Up Line # 7 – “If I could change the alphabet, I’d put U
    and I together.”
  8. Pick Up Line # 8 – “Excuse me, but I think it is time we DO about
    respected. “
  9. For more cheesy pick up lines check out the website here : https://en.wikipedia. org/wiki/Pick-up_line
  10. Pick Up Line # 9 – “I hope you know CPR. Cos you took my breath
    away. “
  11. Pick Up Line # 10 – “You may be asked to leave soon (Why?) ‘Cos.
    You do other men / women look bad.”
  12. Pick Up Line # 11 – “My magical watch says you do not wear
    panties (Oh … are you?) It takes an hour fast..”
  13. Pick Up Line # 12 – “You must be tired (Why?).” Because you’ve been
    running through my mind all nite “.

Pickup lines are fun, and should highlight your wit and humor.
However, if the pickup lines seem hard to you, and really are not
your style, take heart. Research from the University of Chicago
clearly shown that the most effective pickup line continues … “Hi.”