How Printnama Planned to bring a revolution in Personal Branding segment

Branding is an amazing concept, that has no limit once someone start exploring. But unfortunately, branding has been considered as just a splash of colors on some interesting designs. Branding is a process where the personalities of a Brand or an individual, are spoken and communicated with the targeted audience. Now since, Print nama is focusing on Personal branding, let’s keep the corporate segment aside and focus on the point.


Principles of Personal Branding


Infact, Fundamentals of personal branding is no different compared to a corporate or business, other than the tools. The processes are the same, which involves, finding the objective, mission and targeted audience. Say, a Super chef wants to brand himself.


His Objective is to demonstrate his cooking skills with a mission to convey his passion towards cooking in front of the food lovers who can bring him business. So we have three entities that we need to take into consideration. If he wants to run himself as a business, creating a logo and maintaining the brand consistency is a different story. Since we are talking about personal branding only, reflecting his passion and interests through the things he/she carries is more important.


For example, Posters or wall frames, Key chains, Coffee mugs etc.,. that we carry with us or at home speaks loads about our personality. With the advent of Internet, it is easy to buy posters online, and other promotional items in a similar way. Angry chef poster on your wall, speaks about your seriousness towards cooking, to cite an example . Does that make any sense ? I am sure it does, as myself a cook by passion. I cook stories for living though. Printnama follows the same rules when it comes to the designing of the posters, mugs and other promotional items.


Is personal branding required?


Yes, it does. With the huge competition in the current world, staying ahead of the herd by promoting ourselves in a better way is strongly recommended. Following your passion and letting people believe it is the one most difficult challenge. It becomes easy, if we are clear with our goals, and putting the promotional items in place to work. Identifying your personality for your personal or professional benefits, turned into business and now it’s booming. Right from the shoes, suits, ties, scarves, key chains that you carry and wear are creating more impact than your expectations. If you can take care of these little things, these things can take care of you, both in personal and professional front. Printnama wants to be that one stop solution which can make your process lot easier.  How, When and Where are again the basic set of questions, that will help you in the process of yourself brand assessment.